Cashews are generally more expensive than other nuts because they have a more complicated and time-consuming harvesting process. Unlike other nuts, cashews are not grown in a hard outer shell. Instead, they grow inside a soft, double-layered, kidney-shaped fruit called a cashew apple.

The cashew apple is not edible, so the nut must be carefully removed from the fruit’s outer layer, which contains a toxic resin that can cause skin irritation. This process requires significant skill and care, making it more labour-intensive and costly than other nut harvesting methods.

Furthermore, cashew trees used to be native to Brazil, but today they are mostly grown in other tropical regions, such as India, Vietnam, and West Africa. Transportation costs and the limited supply of cashews from these regions also contribute to the higher price.

We get most of our supply from West Africa and the transportation costs from here are usually on the high side.

Finally, the popularity of cashews also plays a role in their high price. They are a popular snack food and ingredient in many dishes, increasing demand and further driving up prices.

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