Nuts are a good source of nutrients and have well-listed weight benefits. The fact that we have partnered with vetted and reputable companies in Africa, makes us an excellent window to showcase the abundance of healthy foods from this continent.

You would have noticed a heavy cashew focus on our shopping pages, which would have been a good spot. We are excited to start this nuts and seeds journey with cashews! Cashews are grown all over the world with prominent mentions going to Brazil, India, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and other temperate regions.

The fact that we have a sister cashew processing company in Nigeria makes this the logical start to our nuts & seeds journey. Our oversight of the whole value chain from planting to the farm gate, and all the way through value addition activities until vacuum packaging for preservation or retail packaging to the final consumer, makes this our ideal pioneer product.

The demand for cashew nuts has been on the increase in the past years due to an upward change in its consumption pattern. Cashew nuts contain high fibre, proteins, folate, and several other nutrients and minerals that have been found to positively affect the human body. Some of these impacts include a reduction in the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, and a reduction in blood cholesterol amongst others.

We are thrilled to start this journey and would encourage you to keep your eyes peeled out for regular updates and news as the product range expands, and the brand evolves.

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